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PROFILE | Our mission

Any “sustainable development” unable to increase competitiveness is not sustainable. Competitiveness without sustainability is a bad investment. How your business can profit from incorporating both aspects is a question we would like to develop with you.

Our target

We help our clients to be more successful through CSR and sustainability.

Our way of doing things

We see taking on responsibility for society as the source of competitiveness. Our strategic management and political consultancy uses the best methods globally available to develop solutions. Solutions which better the status of business and society.

The unique competency of :response is our “stakeholder oriented management consultancy”. We are constantly in dialogue with our international network of high-level experts, managers, researchers and consultants to further develop our consultancy practice.

Our clients

Most of our clients are pragmatic pioneers of change. They will have recognized that it is well worth their while to be more aware of the social responsibility surrounding their key business profile. We advise and support our clients as they fill in the critical gaps between society, business and state and set trends for sustainable development.

Our strengths

The basis for our work is our passion for factual analysis, our creative approach to solution finding and our excellent capacity in executing our projects. Our clients trust us as an honest broker between business, the state and civil society. We offer accountability as independent consultants and through the long-term success of our solutions.

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